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IBM Programming:   i Running on Power
(iRoP - Also known as System i, iSeries, AS/400)
About HoutsNet Services
We have over years of programming experience on IBM midrange platforms. Starting with the System/38 (CPF), moving through the AS/400 (OS/400), iSeries (OS/400), System i (i5/OS), and finally IBM i Running on Power (iRoP). We still think of the operating system as CPF, even though it's now called IBM i, i5/OS, or OS/400.

We also have over years experience in web programming on the IBM midrange platforms mentioned above and on Microsoft® Windows® platforms.

Some of the services we provide include:
  • System Administration - Operating system installation/upgrade/configuration; Security; PTF management; Communications/connectivity; Logical partitioning (LPAR)
  • Systems Programming - Machine Interface (MI); Utilities; Programmer support; operator support
  • Applications Programming - CL, RPGIII, RPGIV, ILE, SQL
  • Web Programming - HTML, Javascript, Net.Data, SQL, ASP, VBScript
  • Web Hosting - Microsoft® Windows® platforms, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, and DB2 databases